River Bayou

The water body located at the junction of Keelung and Tamsui Rivers is influenced by tides. Abundant organic residues (as animal's food) and inorganic salts (for plant growth) moved down from headstreams, make a hoigh amount of water creatures.

Freshwater Pond

It is formed by various freshwater ponds. This constructed wetland environment is ihabited by a variety of water animals and plants.


The area inside embankment forms an eco-environment consisitng of paddy fields, ponds, creeks, marshes and hills. Main plants species include aquatic, land and woody plants and wide paddy fields.



What We Do

Habitat Management

  • Green Land Maintenance
  • Pond Management
  • Rice Paddy Management
  • Habitat Improvement & Restoration
  • Buffalo Management

Survey & Research

  • Bird Survey
  • Benthos Monitor & Survey
  • Brackish Water Re-Entering Project

Volunteer Survey Team

  • Frog Survey Team
  • Insect Survy Team
  • Bird Survey Team