What's CEPA

Our Main CEPA work areas

We have 5 programs for school students, including bird-watching, wetland ecosystem, investigation of wetland life and a special need children's program. We also have overnight camps for children in summer and winter vacations.

There is a 2-day teacher training workshop program and a 2-hour outreach program. The visitor center exhibits talk about the history, ecosystem and location of Guandu and there is a studio and learning room. Our programs are implemented through different kinds of activities such as Senses-using, Role Plays, Demonstration, Investigations, Field trips, Games and Workshops.

We also have weekend programs, such as story-telling, artwork-diy, in-door interpretation and field-trips and rice-planting camp for families.
In April we have the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival and the International Bird-watching Festival in December.

Our WLI Skills Audit


Need help



Interpretation techniques




Signage and site information



Audio-visual tools



Producing written materials



Visitor Centres




Developing a visitor centre



Developing nature trails



Assessing effectiveness



Involving people




Access for disabled people



Engaging young people



Working with volunteers



Engaging the local community



Education, communication




Early years education



Working with schools



Adult education



Lobbying / campaigns



Resources / materials







Auditing / assessing effectiveness






PR and marketing



Health and safety