Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival

About Sculpture Festival

Guandu Nature Park has been hosting Guandu Outdoor Sculpture Festival since 2006. Up till 2013, 57 artists from 24 countries around the world have accomplished collectively 60 pieces of artworks in Taipei, Taiwan.

These reputable artists skillfully integrated their experience in life into their artworks. They also incorporated their personal appreciation for the environment and culture into their artworks and shared their concerns for environmental conservation and love for planet earth with the public. "Caring for our planet through art" is what we intend to convey via the festival, and these artists have accomplished just that.

Artists were limited to using natural or recycled materials so as to ensure no compromise was made to the environment in the process of art creation. Even after the event was over, the artworks will be recycled or eventually decompose and return to nature.

Festival in History